Response to NS Bill 60 (Amendments to Tobacco Legislation)

Response to NS Bill 60 (Amendments to Tobacco Legislation)

Make no mistake about it, ECTA’s position is in direct opposition to Bill 60 (Amendments to Tobacco Legislation). This bill will effectively classify Electronic Cigarettes as tobacco products regardless of whether or not they contain nicotine (which also does not justify a tobacco classification in and of itself).

The result of this bill will mean:

  • No Sales to Minors (which is the ONE point that we agree with)
  • No Vaping in Public Spaces
  • No Displays or Marketing in Retails Spaces
  • No Flavours (except Tobacco and Menthol)
  • No Vaping in Vape Shops
  • Among other things yet to be realized

ECTA’s statement regarding this Bill is presented below:

Download (PDF, 406KB)

This bill is putting public health at risk by not embracing the single most promising solution to the deaths caused by Tobacco usage. The evidence is clear that Electronic Cigarettes are NOT the problem. They are part of the solution!

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