Battery Pro Tips for Battery Safety Week

Battery Pro Tips for Battery Safety Week

In recognition of Battery Safety week, we will be publishing daily battery tips each day for the duration of the event.  As they are published, the will be added to the list below.

Battery Safety week was inspired by unfortunate rare incidents of Vaping Product battery mishaps around the world where more often than not, we have observed that a majority of these incidents are a direct result of improper handling and / or lack of understanding about risks and limitations of the batteries and devices being used.

These battery safety tips are a collection of common and misunderstood facts about batteries and battery (mis)handling. Much of the information has been obtained from the Battery University website, news articles and websites focused on electronics and electronics safety.

Battery Pro Tip #1: Batteries do not last forever.
Battery Pro Tip #2: Know the limits of your battery.
Battery Pro Tip #3: Do not use batteries with torn outer wrapper
Battery Pro Tip #4: Never place loose batteries in your pocket.
Battery Pro Tip #5: Do not leave it unattended while charging.
Battery Pro Tip #6: Batteries must go in your carry-on when flying.
Battery Pro Tip #7: Extreme temperatures are bad for your battery.
Battery Pro Tip #8: Know what to do if your battery overheats.
Battery Pro Tip #9: Dispose of your battery properly

If you have ANY questions or concerns about battery safety, please do not hesitate to Contact Us through our website.

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