Battery Safety Week (April 23rd-30th)

Battery Safety Week (April 23rd-30th)

We have all heard and seen graphic images in news stories covering incidents related to vaping product batteries venting and / or exploding. Though they are quite rare, for the persons around and involved in these incidents, they are very real, very scary and in some cases cause significant pain or injury. As a standards organization, we take these incidents very seriously and everyone should.

More often than not, we have observed that a majority of these incidents are a direct result of improper handling and / or lack of understanding about risks and limitations of the batteries and devices being used.

In a Canada-wide effort to help educate consumers (or anyone) with battery handling and safety information, ECTA, CVA and Innokin have joined forces to launch Battery Safety Week.

Battery Safety Week

Though we’ve had some unforeseen shipping delays, beginning on April 23rd, you will begin seeing posters and placards in retail shops across Canada as well as on-line and across social media.

As part of the event, 50,000 silicon protective battery cases are being distributed to shops across Canada and are to be given to customers free of charge (or provided with purchased batteries in Quebec locations). This will continue throughout the week, while supplies last.

Additionally, a Battery Safety website as well as a Battery Safety Facebook page have been launched to provide more information.

We hope everyone takes advantage of this event and helps spread information related to battery safety. If you can prevent just one future incident, it is worth the effort.

Vape Safe, everyone!

4 Responses to Battery Safety Week (April 23rd-30th)

  1. I’m glad that something is happening with battery safety. A few months ago ( long story short) my mod box fell out of my pocket while I was holding my 2 year old in my arms. It fell to the ground, nothing happened so I bent over to pick it up and the batteries exploded in her face and mine. My face was black and so was hers. Mind was fine but her face had 1st degree burns from her forehead to her chin. These batteries need somehow to be made more safely. I’m not sure how. But somehow.
    Just sharing my story. So I’m glad awareness is being made on battery safety.

    • Thank you for sharing your story!

      Yes, it could have gone VERY badly and I’m glad it wasn’t more serious than that. Hopefully your child fully recovered?