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The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA) of Canada is an industry wide body working to ensure the correct legal and regulatory frameworks are applied to electronic cigarette products

About ECTA

ECTA was formed in 2011 by ten Founding Directors (electronic cigarette vendors), from several months of discussions between competing Canadian vendors, consultants and legal advisors. ECTA’s Founding Directors are working with an international team of researchers and managers to build and maintain a compliance framework and safety standards for electronic cigarettes, based on existing Canadian laws.

ECTA follows the basic outline of ECITA (The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) – which is active in the UK and the EU, have faced similar policy issues that Canadians are struggling with, and have been successful in gaining market approval for their industry and engaging the participation of government regulators.

Our primary aims are to collate the various strands of regulatory law in Canada and form a program which will become the ECTA Industry Standard of Excellence, then ensure that ECTA members are adhering to this standard. We will present this program to the various enforcement agencies in Canada in order to gain approval and recognition and ensure that this is the correct regulatory fit.

These standards cover proper documentation for hardware, blind testing on eliquid, labelling, user manuals, standards for storage and marketing claims – basically taking the industry from its current “wild-west” mentality to where it can be effectively monitored, checked and corrected.

Once the program is in place and has been tested, ECTA will welcome the entire Canadian industry (subject to our Code of Conduct), assisting vendors across the country to achieve full legal compliance, keeping the industry safe, legal and providing Canadian vapers with quality products they can trust.

Industry-Wide Participation

The ECTA stamp will be available for participating businesses to show they are legally compliant, their products tested safe and their businesses following a standard of excellence that consumers can trust.

This stamp will be reciprocal – requiring a direct link back to a confirmation page to ensure the vendor has achieved compliance and prevents theft of the logo by non-compliant vendors. Compliant vendors will also be identified via links on this website.

Who is going to do all this and will it be impartial?

ECTA has retained the services of an independent 3rd party contractor to carry out legal research, test products, identify issues, assist members with compliance, perform audits and maintain records. ECTA will work with members of the legal profession as required and invite interaction with government regulators as the process develops.