Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

Policy makers and some medical professionals continue to speak on the unknown risks of electronic cigarettes as a “Tobacco Harm Reduction” technology.

FACT – Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes WILL harm you and potentially the people around you.

We are a society engaged in consistent harm reduction policies. From food science to laptop monitors to seatbelts and child car seats, we are constantly identifying potential harmful elements and looking for ways to remove or reduce that harm. Tobacco cigarettes are not able to be part of this process as they are inherently dangerous.

Electronic cigarettes enable harm reduction on two levels: immediate and long term. Smokers can choose to achieve immediate removal of tobacco products and, the industry is able to engage in long term harm reduction in manufacturing. Unlike tobacco, electronic cigarette “eliquid” (the consumable portion) is not a fixed organic crop, but a “recipe” of commonly used food additives. If one ingredient is determined to be more harmful, it can be replaced with another. Ongoing scientific research can assist in identifying potential harms – as with other common consumables.

Electronic Cigarettes have been in the mainstream marketplace now for more than 10 years.  Total Illnesses or Deaths from Electronic Cigarettes:  0. Total Illnesses or Deaths from Tobacco for that same time period (According to the CDC): 5 million deaths per year. Current trends show that tobacco use will cause more than 8 million deaths annually by 2030.

Given the above fact and the number of studies that have proven that Electronic Cigarettes are at least “significantly” safer than tobacco cigarettes; doesn’t it make sense to allow smokers that cannot or will not quit smoking to have reasonable access to a known safer alternative?

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