ECTA for Manufacturing

ECTA for Manufacturing


E-liquid manufacturing has been a fast-growth industry, nation-wide, since 2011, offering retail and wholesale businesses better access to high-quality, Canadian made products.

ECTA holds the firm position that e-liquid is a “consumer product”, rather than a tobacco or medical one and we represent this clearly and consistently to Canadian Federal governing bodies proposing and discussing regulation.

As a manufacturer of e-liquid, you are expected, by all governing bodies, consumers and retailers, to uphold basic safety, quality and labeling standards applicable to any consumable product made in Canada. Do you know what these standards are? Can you verify compliance? Are you aware of potential changes to the law and ready to navigate them?

ECTA’s e-liquid testing and quality control compliance program is noted as one of the best in the world. Our clear, concise guidelines are based on current Canadian regulations applicable to e-liquid ingredients, the most recent studies and continual input from the world’s top medical and chemical researchers.

Verified Standards

As an ECTA member, your company will be guided through appropriate QC standards in a bi-annual audit where you will receive assistance in identifying issues and learn how to address and correct problems. Your products will be tested for things that consumers are concerned about, for safety and integrity. Your records and tests, while kept in strict confidence, are independently verified. So you have peace of mind and so do your customers.

In the face of pending regulations, your company will be well on the road to meeting the type of QC that will likely be included in federal standards. You will be able to verify compliance for any retailer demand in Canada. You will also have access to testing requirements for other nations so you can become or remain “export ready”.

Growth and Success Now and in the Future

Safety, Quality and labeling requirements are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. ECTA members are trusted sources for retail outlets and wholesale distributors, because each member is required to meet the current standards and kept in the loop on what is pending.

Once Federal Regulation begins, ECTA members will be best positioned to meet goals and make transitions quickly – a critical step in growth and success.

A Voice at the Table

ECTA is not a lobbying organization. We are, however, uniquely qualified and therefore involved in the march towards manufacturing regulation. We bring the concerns of our industry, and our members in particular, to the table. We are committed to fight for the right of our unique entrepreneurs who built this local industry. Membership dues are used to support your needs and concerns, carry out necessary global testing, support studies and ensure our industry has a say in how we go forward in Canada.

Offer Staff and Family Health Benefits Packages

ECTA has negotiated an industry-wide health and life benefits package for member businesses that can cover your staff, regardless of the size of your business. As an ECTA member business you can gain access to valuable coverage whether you are a single proprietor or a growing company with multiple departments. (Participation is voluntary; package prices are separate from membership dues and priced to reflect individual staff composition)