The Standard – October 2017

The Standard – October 2017

Episode 1

This is “The Standard”, a newsletter produced by the ECTA for our members, the industry at large and the general public to keep them abreast of recent events and happenings within our organization and vaping in Canada. It has a little bit for everyone, from smoker (potential vapers) to experienced vapers to new businesses to long established businesses to the general and non-smoking public. The goal is to distribute information. There are no secrets here…

A lot has happened since our last issue was released. Because of that, we’ve been very busy trying to tackle different things as they occurred.

Special points of interest in this issue:

  • Apology for the delayed release
  • Request for consultation on proposed regulations
  • Notice to Industry from Health Canada RE: Upon Royal Assent of Bill S-5
  • ECTA meeting with the Tobacco Control Directorate and discusses the notice to industry
  • John and Charlene abandon us for baby fever

We’ve decided to try something a bit different with the newsletter this time by presenting it in Video format. Depending on how things go, we may continue to provide these updates in video format.  Please provide your feedback in the commends below the article.

Links for items mentioned in the video:

Health Canada Consultation on Proposals for the Regulation of Vaping Products

ECTA’s Health Canada Consultation Summary (Directions for response and addresses are at the bottom of that document.)

E-Mail address for Consumer Products Safety Directorate to discuss the Child Resistant tank issue:

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