Senate Bill S-5 Second Reading – Debate

Senate Bill S-5 Second Reading – Debate

Today the Senate continued Debate on the Second Reading of Bill S-5.

We heard from Senator Jane Cordy. In summary, the Senator:

  • views the growth of the vaping industry as a parallel to the tobacco industry
  • believes the Tobacco Act is the appropriate place to regulate vaping products
  • admits to knowing very little about the products
  • is concerned about ease for youth access
  • believes vaping products are being marketed to youth “in many cases” (tobacco industry parallel)
  • knows that science is emerging but believes regulation must be done now
  • believes vaping is “most likely” safer than smoking and “cautiously optimistic” that science will prove that point
  • is concerned about the gateway to smoking theory
  • believes the bill, as written is good for the industry and the health of Canadians
  • believes the bill flexible to allow regulations to adjust as science evolves (implying relaxed regulation)
  • has never smoked and is a smoke-free advocate
  • sees parallels between the tobacco and vaping industries in flavours
  • is in favour of plain packaging
  • doesn’t believe that the science will ever catch up to the industry
  • supports the bill as written

Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen also questioned if the bill goes far enough with restrictions. Specifically her concerns were around:

  • already adding nicotine
  • youth finding ways to make vaping more potent
  • starting too lenient with restrictions

Another question was posed by Senator Yonah Martin. This senator is also concerned about the science not being caught up to the industry. Though studies were not cited, said research studies in opposition to vaping are saying:

  • . . . among smokers, inhaling e-cigarette aerosol has the same effect on the production of exhaled nitric oxide as inhaling a cigarette whether the e-cigarette has nicotine or not.
  • . . . E-cigarettes produce more and smaller particles than conventional cigarettes.
We assume Senator Martin’s source of concern was this is the study:
Short-term effects of electronic and tobacco cigarettes on exhaled nitric oxide
Among others, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos challenged those findings:
Effects of e-cigarette use on exhaled nitric oxide

Below is an excerpt of the portion of the proceedings that applied to Bill S-5. (For the full Hansard CLICK HERE)

Bill S-5 - Second Reading Debate - 2017-03-01

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