Range of E-Liquid Flavourings

Range of E-Liquid Flavourings

Are electronic cigarette manufacturers intentionally or inadvertently targeting children and youth with the wide range of flavors?

Electronic cigarette eliquid (the consumable and flavored portion) is not tobacco, nor organic in nature.  As such, eliquid has no inherent or base flavor, as would be the case with tobacco. Flavors are achieved using common food flavorings, none of which are able to replicate the bitter taste of burning tar, plant matter and chemicals. It would be ludicrous to suggest that the industry attempt to create and utilize only those food flavorants that can be combined to taste “like” burning tobacco. It would also be counter-productive in appealing to adult smokers as an alternative product.

The cornerstone of this products’ success among adult smokers, is the wide variety of flavorings – which do permit consumers to personalize their “vape” to their own tastes – and change according to their own personal desire.

Similar to other adult products, such as alcohol, eliquid flavorings are part of the products’ appeal to its consumers (adult smokers) rather than an attempt to target a user group the product is not intended for, marketed or sold to (youth or children).

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