Mechanical and Hybrid Mods (ie: Mechanical Vaporizers)

Mechanical and Hybrid Mods (ie: Mechanical Vaporizers)

All electronic devices are vulnerable to battery and device failure. These occurrences, while rare, are documented internationally and affect many products including laptops, tablets and cell phones – all of which share unique technology components with electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers.


Malfunctions in most regulated commercial electronic cigarette / personal vaporizing devices result in that device shutting down temporarily or permanently. Mechanical and Hybrid vaporizers (advanced devices preferred by some), require greater safety and care as they generally do not contain internal safety regulators.

The lack of federal regulation and a growing concern for consumer safety requires that ECTA take action now. While it is not within our mandate to solve every issue that the government has yet to regulate, we strongly believe the safety of consumers is not something that can wait.

In line with the above, we have released a policy that all members are expected follow. The following product classes should be accompanied with the corresponding warning (see below) as either a label/sticker or printed handout:

Warning Required
  • Mechanical Mods (mechanical vaporizers)
  • Hybrid Mechanical Mods (mechanical vaporizers with hybrid features)
  • Tanks that feature a flush or floating 510 connection pin

The policy has been implemented as follows:

ECTA Implementation
  • Online sales: Products in the above categories should have the corresponding warning in the online product description, and a copy accompanying the product mailed to consumers.
  • Retail stores: Products in the above categories should have attached warnings as stickers / labels or paper hand-outs at the time of sale.
    • If you sell mechanical or hybrid mods your point of sale staff should be trained in Ohm’s law, battery chemistry/safety, proper use of mechanical devices, and compatible atomizers/batteries as well as knowledge of chargers and charge safety equipment.
  • Canadian Wholesale Outlets: Products in the above category should either have accompanying stickers / labels or tacit agreement by all retailers to print and include these warnings with each of the products concerned.

To help facilitate nationwide safety, in addition to ECTA members, we are providing these materials to the entire industry, irrespective of ECTA affiliation. You may download and distribute this release from here: en | fr (being translated)

Links for just the attachments are below.

Attachments (Warning Labels)
Title English français
Mechanical Mods Warning Label PDF | JPG PDF | JPG
Hybrid Mods Warning Label PDF | JPG PDF | JPG
Atomizer Flush/Floating Pin Warning PDF | JPG PDF | JPG
Also Recommended (Caution Labels)
Title English français
Rechargeable Battery Caution Label PDF | JPG PDF | JPG
Replaceable Battery Caution Label PDF | JPG PDF | JPG

Many of the reported incidents can be attributed to improper use of or handling of the devices. Anyone considering the purchase or use of a Mechanical and Hybrid device should become educated on the aspects and inherent risks of those devices. A few resources can be found here:

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about ECTA’s Member Policy

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