Williams Lake modifies Bylaw

Williams Lake modifies Bylaw

The City of Williams Lake, BC has modified Bylaw 2227, Smoking in and around public buildings and during special events

The use of vapor products is prohibited: inside a Public Building; within 7.5 m of an entrance to a Public Building, or of any air intake or window of a Public Building; in specific locations of a City park, i.e.: on or within a 7.5 m buffer zone surrounding a playground, beach or playing field; in, or under an outdoor recreational structure, including, but not limited to bleachers, grandstands, gazebos, seating areas; at a City cemetery or a cemetery the City is licensed to maintain; in or within a 7.5 m buffer zone of a transit bus shelter; and during Outdoor Special Events.

There is no explicit exemption for vape shops.

Williams Lake BC 24 2015-D2

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