Vancouver introduces Bylaw

Vancouver introduces Bylaw

The city of Vancouver, BC has implemented Bylaw 11076: A By-law to amend Health By-law No. 9535 regarding electronic cigarettes By-law No. 9624: A Bylaw to amend Health Bylaw No. 9535 Health By-law – A By-law to provide for the care, promotion, and protection of the health of inhabitants

This Bylaw modifies or adds the following definitions:

“Burning” means to produce smoke, vapour or other substances that can be inhaled “Smoke” or “smoking” includes burning a cigarette or cigar, or burning any substance using a pipe, hookah pipe, lighted smoking device or electronic smoking device “Vapourize” or “vapourizing” means to inhale or exhale vapour produced by an electronic cigarette, electronic pipe, electronic hookah or other similar device that can be used to deliver nicotine or other substances.

Use of vapor products prohibited on or within 6 m of a customer service area (includes all patios regardless of whether or not they are covered by a roof); within 6 m of entrances, windows that open and air intakes; in an enclosed or partially enclosed shelter where people wait to board a vehicle for hire or public transit.

The bylaw also prohibits electronic cigarettes, inside public places and workplaces. The Board of Parks and Recreation is authorized to enact bylaws to regulate use in parks for the care, promotion and protection of the health of people in parks. This amendment, passed 22 June 2010, came into effect on 1 September 2010.

The latest addition to the bylaw prohibits the use of vapor products everywhere smoking is prohibited, as of October 1, 2014. Restaurants will be required to update their no smoking signs to include e-smoking language by 30 September 2016.

NOTE: On 11 August 2014, the BC Provincial Court upheld in its entirety Vancouver bylaw provisions banning all water pipe smoking in public places, including restaurants, cafes, bars and patios. The Vancouver bylaw bans smoking of anything, not just tobacco, in public places.

Vancouver 11076

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