Red Deer decision to equate ‘vaping’ with smoking

Red Deer decision to equate ‘vaping’ with smoking

The city of Red Deer has decided to make a move against Electronic Cigarettes.  And no, ECTA is not happy about it as reported in this Calgary Herald article:

A Thursday morning city statement says Red Deer “is clearing the air” on e-cigarettes “in response to questions from members of the community.”

“Upon review of its Smoke Free Bylaw, the city has confirmed the bylaw and its definition of ‘smoking’ apply to ‘vaping’ — the practice of using an e-cigarette — as well as smoking combustible cigarettes,” reads the statement.

The full article can be found here.

Without any solid scientific evidence or regulatory guidence what-so-ever, Red Deer has decided to judge Electronic Cigarettes based solely on appearance and public opinion.

Public Opinion…  Yes, things DO happen based on Public Opinion and the only way to change that opinion in our favour is by educating those that will listen.  Do not argue with the ANTZ, that is a was of your time but rather speak with those that will listen or are undecided.  “Cloud Chasing” in public spaces because you think you are justified will not win this battle.

“Proper Education and Exposure in an Appropriate Setting.”

Public opinion MATTERS and if they don’t know what they’re seeing, they WILL judge you on perception using emotion (visualize a smoker, and the smell — Pretty bad, eh?). CHANGE that perception with facts, but using persuasion over aggression and defiance. Educate yourself AND the public!

You are no longer a “Second Class Citizen” and you HAVE a VOICE! Use it wisely…

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