Meeting with Saskatchewan Legislatures

Meeting with Saskatchewan Legislatures

There is currently nothing in place or before the Legislative Assembly in Saskatchewan that regulates Electronic Cigarettes. That is not to say that something won’t be tabled in the near future, but there currently are none on the horizon.

A forward thinking retailer in Saskatchewan (we will just call them Chris) was able to arrange a meeting with the Human Services Committee for a small group to speak on Electronic Cigarettes and regulation. They invited ECTA to participate in the meeting.

Though the meeting was relatively short, the presenters were very well choreographed to touch on specific topics and avoid overlaps to whatever extent possible. The representation was well rounded and included Liquid Manufacturers, Retailers and Consumers.

Our presentation was specific to what other provinces have done in the way of regulation and our thoughts on what we think they did right and/or wrong.

It was a very positive meeting with solid presentations, very good questions posed by the committee and solid answers provided.

While we won’t mention any businesses by name, if you are in Saskatchewan, you surely know who they are. KUDOS to them and GREAT JOB! You have opened a door.

This is just more evidence that it’s not just ECTA or CVA or THRA or any other single organization that can make things like this happen. Every one of us, consumer or business can make a difference if we just try.

TALK to your local, provincial and federal representatives before they tell you how you are going to vape (or if you can vape at all).  They don’t know what they are regulating and it “looks like smoking“, but it’s not!

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