Kelowna modifies Bylaws

Kelowna modifies Bylaws

The city of Kelowna, BC has modified the following Bylaws to include vapor products:

  • Bylaw No. 11023 – Amendment No. 2 to Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw No. 10680
  • Bylaw No. 10680 – Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw

Broad definition of smoking. Use of vapor products is prohibited in all parks, which are defined as “any real property owned or subject to a right of occupation by the City for the purposes of pleasure, recreation or community uses of the public including public parks, playgrounds, public squares, pathways and other public places and all improvements and shall include all beaches and other public areas adjacent to lakes or streams including foreshore or land covered by water; but does not include the travelled portion of a highway.” In the amended version of the bylaw (March 2015), clause 3.36 now states that, “No Person shall Smoke in a Park or Public Space except in a designated Smoking area.” Vapor products are included. The new definition of public places now allows staff to prohibit smoking around a public transit exchange, bus shelter or bus stop, as well as on all municipal property. Smoking is also prohibited on the surface of Okanagan Lake and the lake foreshore.

Kelowna 10680

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