Nixar Inc.

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Nixar Inc.

Nixar Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of premium quality e-liquids to retailers and distributors nationwide. Our e-liquids are made using U.S. sourced high quality U.S.P. (United States Pharmacopeia) ingredients in a certified ISO 14644-1:1999 Class 6 Pharmaceutical Grade Clean Room.  Our cleanroom is equipped with filters that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep the air as clean as possible by trapping particles as small as 0.5 micrometers. The air is exchanged in the cleanroom once every sixty seconds with clean filtered air.

We offer our retailers a volume rebate program in which you receive a credit each month towards your next order for the quantity of bottles that you purchased in the previous month. Our average retailer is earning $120 each month in free e-juice.

We currently produce 10 brands and have over 60 flavours:

Thick as Thieves
Cream of the Crop
The System
The Business
Counter Culture
The Nightshade Arcade
Tobacco 5

Added benefits of partnering with Nixar

Flavour artists and formulators on staff
Short cycle product development
Scaleable operations to meet production demands
Quality control checks on individual batches
Certified child resistance caps
Batch coded and expiry dated for traceability
Nicotine accuracy testing
Product liability insurance to protect our retailers
Tamper evidence seals
Strict protocol and cGMP operating procedures
Triple distilled Indian nicotine
USP Propylene Glycol / USP Vegetable Glycerin

Our contract manufacturing and private labelling services allow businesses to utilize our e-liquid products in a fully customizable way. We provide full confidentiality, letting you take the spotlight as the main proprietor of the products on your shelves.

We’ll let you select from any of our pre-made white label flavours or you can let us know what you would like and our talented flavour artists will create it for you.

Select the PG/VG ratio that you would like

Select from any of our in-house bottle types or send us your own bottles to fill

We offer in-house label and marketing design services

We can produce, label, warehouse and ship your products right to your customers!


  • Nixaric
  • NOT Open to the Public
  • Calgary, AB
  • T2B 3M1

  • (403) 272-6168