ECTA for Retail

ECTA for Retail


Retail business is the visible front line for vapor products in Canada – the bridge between consumers and manufacturers. It’s in the stores and on the shelves where standards are most visible to consumers – and where any lapse in standards is also most noticeable.

Don’t let your customers down!

You built your business to succeed at a time when many laws and standards for vapor products are pending, or undefined. This creates confusion, uncertainty and exposes retail stores to unnecessary risks, liability and vulnerability.

Are you aware that every consumer product in Canada must follow basic standards – providing information the law says a customer is entitled to, and also ensure what they purchase is safe when used as directed? ECTA can help you navigate these important criterion.

ECTA has created a detailed compliance program that sets the standard for how vapor products are labelled, tested and sold in Canada based on existing and pending laws, professional input from researchers and industry constraints. Our member compliance program and gives clarity to your business and standards that your customers can trust.

Protect Your Business

When government agencies question the integrity of your inventory, ECTA offers you high level support and direct information, so you can protect what you’ve worked so hard for, reduce vulnerabilities and show real compliance understanding.

Instill Consumer Confidence

Vapor customers have taken the lead in demanding tested E-liquids with clear and concise labeling. ECTA manufacturers are monitored to ensure they meet the most stringent standards – you can always count on them for a source of products that meet customer demands. ECTA also provides basic information and guidance on current standards for you to pass on to suppliers who are not members, so they can choose to meet your compliance needs as well. This all adds up to a confident experience for even the most demanding customer.

Offer Staff and Family Health Benefits Packages

ECTA has negotiated an industry-wide health and life benefits package for member businesses that can cover your staff, regardless of the size of your business. As an ECTA member business you can gain access to valuable coverage whether you are a single proprietor or a growing company with multiple departments. (Participation is voluntary; package prices are separate from membership dues and priced to reflect individual staff composition)

Be Part of the Conversation

ECTA provides a closed forum to discuss industry and regulatory concerns, gain valuable business insight and connect with your peers. We also bring your concerns and your voice to legislators as they grapple with regulatory issues for the whole industry and partner with other organizations also involved in the conversation. Our goal is to fight for the many small and medium businesses that built this industry in Canada.