ECTA for Consumers

ECTA for Consumers


ECTA members commit to quality and this impacts every product they carry. You, the consumer, are the reason they care.

Our detailed testing methodology was designed to help ensure safety and integrity for every product. We work with the world’s top researchers to ensure that we understand, look for, find and correct any problems that could make the products you use “less” than the very best.

In addition to general QC, a world-class professional lab tests samples from each member to ensure that Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl are not added, that nicotine levels are as advertised, that PG and VG ratios are correct, that contaminates are absent and ingredients are pure and clean.
Our members follow Canadian labeling laws on e-liquids to ensure your right to information is honored in a layout that’s clear, concise and comprehensive. We audit the labels and the bottles as well to ensure that your e-liquid is properly and safely packaged.

Our retail members commit to carrying hardware that follows all applicable safety regulations and ensuring their claims and marketing are true and honest.

Integrity. Quality. Safety. These are the cornerstones. ECTA members pay to be audited and verified. When there are so many questions on vapor products, having this level of care makes our members trustworthy.

Check out our Member Directory for a list of businesses that are committed to help protect our industry.